Hot-Rox Dosage

I am wondering if people have an opinion on the dosage of Hot-Rox for lighter weight people. My wife started taking a half dose (1 pill, twice a day). On the bottle it recommends 2 pills. However, she only weighs 115 lbs. I suspect most users weight closer to 200 lbs. Would you recommend staying at 1 pill or boosting it up to 2?


i believe even for people that are heavier than norm should not increase the dosage. If ya do a search ya might be able to find the Q and A on it. I pretty sure they did soem tests and it didnt make a difference

I found that 2 pills wasn’t enough for me so I uped it to 3 pills at a time. Seems to work because I’m getting results. If it helps, I weigh 170-175lbs @ 5’10".