Hot-Rox Dosage

The info on Hot-Rox looks good. It is expensive, I understand the reason. What is the dosage, how long does ninety dollars, oops I mean, a bottle last.

At 80 caps per bottle you can take the full dosage (4 caps day) and it’ll last 20 days, longer if you decrease the dose.

I would suggest starting out with the single pill twice a day for a few days. Defenitely worth the money.

Well I think the dosage is somewhere with the product description but for simplicity’s sake, the dosage is “begin” with one capsule in the morning on an empty stomach followed by another capsule, on an emtpy stomach, 8-12 hours later, working your way up to 2 capsules, twice daily, empty stomach, 8-12 hours apart.

4 caps per day, 80 caps per bottle=20 days. Enough to see decent improvements provided diet and training are on target, and depending on your level of fitness.

Should last just under a month or so I think.

My friends all swear by the stuff, and got together to place a big order with the buy 2 get 2 free specail for like 8 bottles…

As a side note, I have wondered if the dosages are set in stone.

I had understood that generally, medicine dosages are figured for the average schmo. Is body mass much of a factor? It seems like a normal fellow taking four a day would have better results than I would at four a day. I don’t really know, though.

Seeing as how I was genuinely dissapointed that I missed Andre the Giant’s estate sale, I have wondered if I could get better results with 5-6 a day (not that I plan to try…).

Use on empty stomach? If you are eating five to six small meals a day, how is that possible, other than when first waking up? Or am I making this more complicated than it is?

UPC: Good point. That can hold true for a lot of things.

Shoot, just look at the Mag-10 box/bottle. Suggests no more than TWO per day, yet open the box up and inside is the Plan for Success suggesting up to SIX per day.

ALMIGHTY BIOTEST INSIDERS: If we can take more Hot Rox for better results, LET US KNOW!

Wishin: Well, it doesn’t HAVE to be TRULY empty, although I thought I saw somewhere which stated 30-60 minutes after you eat, you’re pretty much on a fairly empty stomach anyhow, but I could be wrong. I would just take it first thing in the morning, and then 8-12 hours later, without eating anything maybe an hour before or after. Although I think it was covered in another post that, taking them with food probably won’t affect results…could be “minutae.”

Anyone else, chime in.

NewDamage - The Plan for Success does NOT suggest six servings a day of MAG-10, it suggests six capsules a day. The max you’d ever need to take is two serving a day or 12 capsules.

As for “empty stomach” guidelines for HOT-ROX, just take 20-30 minutes or so before you eat a meal. Simple enough.

T-Mag Admin : Right, I was referring to capsules, not servings, didn’t mean for any confusion.

Bottom line the instructions differ greatly between the Plan and the package, but this could be just with Mag 10 and not others; assuming more is better isn’t always true, that’s for sure

The Plan for Success and the instructions on the bottle are the same. Tim prefers maximal dosage in the Plan (two servings a day) and the bottle gives you the choice between one or two servings per day. Still, same info.

Hmm…I coulda swore the one I read the other day was different, but maybe not.

Should one keep Hot Rox to a maximum of four per day?