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HOT-ROX & Diet Questions


ok im 18 now and i got HOT-ROX...i dont wanna lose muscle that ive gained while i cut up...so basically i have a few questions. From what i hear the HOT-ROX will stop me from losing muscle while cutting, and may help me gain muscle...from anyones experience who's used HOT-ROX themselves...could you tell me how that worked for you.

I been readin thru alot of diets and then i thought about something...does it have to be that complicated? If i just cut the soda/fast food/simple carbs...and just eat good food and not all that much and run everyday for 30 mins...and lift weights..will i lose the fat? By eat good foods...this is a normal day and im wondering if its conducive to losing as much fat as possible with minimal muscle loss.

Wake up 6am- cup of oatmeal and protein shake, HOT-ROX

9am(2nd period at school)- peanut butter sandwich on whole grain

12am(lunch at school)- turkey sandwich on whole grain... HOT-ROX

3pm - low-carb protein bar

6pm - cardio (30 mins on 5mph treadmill)weights..

7pm- dinner...either chicken breast with brown rice and green beans or red meat with green beans...occasionaly fish and a potato.

10pm - goto sleep and occasionally eat a pb sandwich on whole grain and milk before bed...ussually not.

As for post workout shakes..i use to when i could work out right after school...but i goto work after school until around 6 and then i workout and i eat at around 7 anyway.

I am trying as i said before to cut body fat % and keep as much muscle as possible...all if possible and gain too. Doing complex diets arent an option for me right now because i dont have the time and my parents will flip if i go on some protein only diet and carb load certain days. Is what im doing condusive to my goals? I know you are supposed to eat more frequent meals..but eating all day i feel like im doing something wrong...i dunno. My only other question pertains to all your experiences with HOT-ROX. Please someone help me out here.


Wait, you've kept the soda/fast food/simple carbs, and now that youre taking HOT-ROX you think you should cut them out NOW. That shit should have been gone since the beginning.
Depending on how much you eat of that shit, you could have been to the point you want to be without the HOT-ROX.

The HOT-ROX will help, though.


im also giving HOT-ROX a shot here in a few days when it gets here, im stoked! how many do most people take a day? 4 twice a day?


i didnt mean it like that...i hate it when people take it the wrong way as always...i have been drinking only water for the past 2 months and havent had fast food in about a month...i havent started cardio since a week ago and just started HOT-ROX...im curious as if everything i showed you seemed condusive...


I know you're still very young at 18, but if you posted your current stats in terms of height, weight, bodyfat percentage, what type of training you'll be doing, it'd help everyone here give you more sound advice. I wish you the best of luck, but see if you can post that info in the next day or so. There's alot of smart people who post here.


The only reason i quoted that is so if someone passes it up they will see it on this post. I'm 5'10 186 lbs aprox. 15-16% body fat.


at 5'10, between 185-190, and 15-16% bodyfat, you're doing pretty good. My suggestion would be to go read Berardi's Tailor Made Nutrition series. Just stick to his 10 Habits for the first month or so, and I'd imagine even if you don't count calories, you'll see a favorable change in body composition.

The other approach you could take is that of Lonnie Lowery, which is explained in depth in his Temporal Nutrition Q&A article. Basically eat the majority of your carbs in the first half of the day. Second half, just eat veggies, healthy fat, lean proteins. This could work well if you're going to be weight training in the first half of the day.

It's really a personal preference thing, either approach will help you attain optimal results, IMO. If you're 186 at 15% bodyfat, that gives you about 28 pounds of bodyfat, and 158 pounds of LBM. It probably will not take you that long to get down to the 10-12% range, which is what's usually recommended to people before they begin to head towards a bulking phase.

You said in your post you wanted to reduce your bodyfat percentage. You'd likely do well with any program that hits the major compound movements. Some examples would be Chad Waterbury's Total Body Training and Joe DeFranco's Westside for Skinny Bastards II. For cardio, you'd do well with HIIT of some type 3-4 times a week. Do you have a target goal in terms of how lean you want to get, and an estimated time frame to meet that goal? HOT-ROX is a great supplement, but you'll be able to reap the full benefits by applying some of the knowledge that is at your fingertips on this site. Let me know if you have any questions. I'm far from being a vet on this site, but I just figured I'd put my 2 cents in. Take care bro.


Thanks ALOT for the advice.

As far as long term goals...I'd like to have gained 20 lbs and have my bodyfat dropped to about 8-10% by this time next year. As for short term goals...id like to get my body fat down to 10-12% and keep as much weight as i can...but i have absolutely no idea how long that would take..even with the HOT-ROX included. I have a better idea of how long it would take me to put on LBM than for me to drop body fat%.


You are taking the HOT-ROX on an empty stomach, right?

Keep us posted with your progress.




Hey man,
Happy to help if I can. Congrats on the progress so far. I would take the HOT-ROX on an empty stomach about an hour prior to eating. It's honestly not going to take you long to get into the 10-12% range for bodyfat. Just take a look at some of those articles I listed, find a training program you like, and just go for it.

In terms of your daily schedule, what is it like? I remember that often in college, many people have access and time to make multiple trips to the gym. Let me know what the deal is. Also, what routine and dietary approaches did you take to make your progress thus far?


Well before this i was really interested in gaining mass and strength...I couldnt give you an exact thing i followed. I just ate and ate and ate. Mostly protein...some carbs too but mostly complex carbs. Whey protein shakes. And lifting weights. I never bought into the train each body part once a week. I'm not naturally skinny..i have the kind of genetics where i gain muscle pretty easy if i just eat alot and lift heavy. And i made it a point to make the bulk of my weight training compound lifts.

Monday - Chest, shoulder, triceps
Bench Press - 3x8
Incline Dumbbell Flyes - 3x10
Close Grip Bench - 3x8
Shoulder Press - 3x8
Shrugs - 3x8

Tuesday - Legs
Squats - 3x8
Deadlifts - 3x8
Leg Extensions - 3x8
Hamstring Curls - 3x8
Calf Raises - 3x8

Wednesday - Back, Biceps
Bent over rows - 3x8
Pullups - 3 sets till failiure
Barbell Curls - 3x8
Ez Bar Curls - 3x8

Thursday - Chest, Shoulder, Tricep routine again

Friday - Leg routine again

Saturday - Back, Bicep routine again

Sunday - Off

Start again monday. If this is overtraining...so be it...i could never sit around for 4 days out of the week..not possible. As for a diet plan...just eating alot..alot of protein. Doing that I gained some mass...not really all that much though...and my lifts went up some. But now i wanna cut up and get my cardio up...so im taking HOT-ROX to keep my gains...then once i get down to 10-12% ill bulk for longer this time and eat even more and lift even heavier. I love doing all this.


Good stuff dude. The only suggestion that I'd have is possibly look into a whole body routine, or an upper lower split. You're still working each muscle group 2-3 times a week.

Plus it would give you a chance to incorporate different rep ranges, which could lead to more hypertrophy and strength for you. If you're taking Max Strength HOT-ROX, following a sound nutrition program, and hitting up some HIIT type cardio, you'll hit your goal in what I'd estimate to be around 8 weeks.

Here's a few things to keep in mind.

1) If you're drinking alot, even if it's just one night a week of all out drinking, it can set you back. I'm not saying don't go out and enjoy yourself, but it's just something to keep in mind.

2) There was a recent roundtable on fasted state cardio. For your goals, it might not be bad to get some incline treadmill work in right after you take the MS HOT-ROX.

I mean, if you can get the gym without a problem, you have to wait an hour for the first meal anyway, so why not give it a shot? While it's not going to make or break your progress, it might be worth taking a look at the roundtable discussion.

3) Once you hit your goal, you want to remember to ease into the bulking, and keep it clean. Also, while I haven't tried it yet, something like Carbolin 19 sounds like it'd be a big help.

I forgot to ask, are you using any other Biotest supps besides the HOT-ROX? Surge and Metabolic Drive are worth looking into.



I use the HOT-ROX...and thats all ive used from Biotest.


Honestly, in terms of just recovery and proper nutrition, the Surge and Metabolic Drive should be utilized before the HOT-ROX. HR is a damn good supplement, but not what probably is considered a foundation type supplement.

Anyway, take a look at the online store, Surge and Metabolic Drive are both pretty cheap, and would serve you well, IMHO.


Would you recommend taking Metabolic Drive along with HOT-ROX Extreme? If yes, how should I take it? I'm 5'8" and 166 lbs . Thanks!


Why would you be interested in taking HOT-ROX @166?


Yes, why not. Let me explain. Two contributing factors that go into one becoming over fat are one: Calories consuming more then they burn in energy in a days time. Two: eating a diet high in simple carbohydrates and unhealthy fats and lacking in adequate protein.

Metabolic Drive will help supplement your diet with protein which you should be striving to get in good amounts of whole food. Such as lean protein, good carbs like vegetables and fruit and healthy fats.

Your Metabolic Drive shakes can be taken anytime that is convenient for you. I have one in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one before bed.

Again, you are using it to replace one or two whole food meals per day in the standard six small healthy meals per day program.