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HOT-ROX & Cutting


I'm gonna be cutting soon and was wondering if Maximum Strength HOT-ROX help out.I need an energy boost because it's hard on lift heavy when on a low cal diet.Has anyone actually lost any weight by this stuff?I'm not looking for a "magic pill",just something to help me out.Thanks.


Short answer yes its good. Check the product thread and do a search and you'll find a SHIT POT of info.

Let us know how it goes or if you have anything further to clear up,



Thanks Phill. Also,how much caffeine does HOT-ROX have?


I can't vouch for exactly how much caffeine is in HOT-ROX, but my wife was worried about it before she started using it. She's very sensitive to caffeine.

I questioned Cy about it and while he wasn't allowed to say exactly how much was in it (because it's part of their proprietary formula) he said it wasn't much compared to a cup of coffee.

My wife originally started by taking 1 cap in the morning and after a few weeks of no bad side affects, she upped it to 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon. She's taking 4 a day now; 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon with no problems at all from the caffeine. She's been using HOT-ROX for a little over a month now.


Thanks for letting me know man.I got some HOT-ROX and Methoxy-7.It's alright to take these together right?I don't know a whole lot about supplements,but I'm just asking because I'm trying to cut up for summer.


I can't answer that but I'm guessing Cy probably covered it in the HOT-ROX thread.


Yup All good I have done it. Great combo.IMO

Let us know how it goes.


Will do. Thanks Phill. When you did the combo,how did that go?


Went good. The fat Loss of the HOT-ROX and I LOVE Methoxy-7 all times for the vascular effetc it has. mainly a visual supp. for me. but hey that mental aspect is worth it IMO.


Cool. So you think it's the best fat loss pill out there right now? I thought it would be good to use with Methoxy-7 myself when cutting.


How much of the HOT-ROX did you take?