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HOT-ROX: Cheat Meal Damage Control?

Has anyone tried this before?

Would it be more beneficial to take the HOT-ROX before or after the meal??

It makes sense to use it prior. A small amount of fructose (small apple) 30 minutes prior to the meal also might be to your benefit. Good luck and happy cheating.



it could increase your Thermic Effect of Food and would be absorbed more rapidely, making you enter a more ‘‘energy-burning’’ state for when the food comes in (higher concentration peak).

That would be purely optimizing on the aspect of the concentration peak but would inherently be better for the increased TEF.


Dont rely on it at all. While it indeed might help (MIGHT)… Don’t think you can eat an extra 300 calories (or more) because HOT-ROX is on your side. Think of it as a small 5% boost or so, and eat accordingly.

Lonnie is right, it is mostly theoretical.

Real life results: Nil.

HOT-ROX is good, its just not DNP.