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Hot-Rox Capsules?


Quick question here, I am thinking about getting some Hot-Rox but have trouble swallowing large pills, are you able to break these in half? Thanks.


No. They are not tablets, they are caspules. And taking them apart and just downing the powder in the capsules might screw up absorbstion. You might want to call Biotest and ask them though. The pill aren't that big and you should be able to swallow them no problem, but if you still have trouble, put the pill in your mouth and TAKE A BIG GULP OF WATER AND SWALLOW IT. Most people try to sip the water and the pill gets stuck. If you take a big gulp of water, like you were downing it, the pill will slide right down no problem...

hope this helps


no...Capsules...they are not tablets


Thanks guys


I find that taking capsules or any large pill with something a little thicker than water, like a shake, milk, orange juice, helps a lot.


Like you, I have a hard time swallowing pills aswell. When I was getting ready to take Tribex and M, I contacted Biotest to see if there were any alternative methods to taking the pills. They suggested that I break the capsoles open and pour it into a glass of water. Which is what I did. Tribex tasted like crap and burned my throught a little, but the M didn't taste bad at all, and went down smooth.