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HOT-ROX Calories


Anyone have any idea how many calories the max dose of HOT-ROX will enable you to burn per day? Either directly or indirectly?


Nope sorry.

Only more than without it. No telling. Just like asking how many calories will be burnt lifting an hour or walking or eating, or having sex. boils down to the individual and the situation.


It depends on your metabolism, your body mass, your activity level, etc. Even if there was a number, it would be different for every person, and likely different for that person depending on where they are in their life at that point.

Just think of it as a tool that turns up the metabolism a notch, magnifying the effects of other things you do.


It really depends on the time of year, how many layers of clothing you're wearing, and how many girlfriends you're pleasing. The relative humidity will also effect the calories burned if you live south of the border.


i understand that there are variables to consider, but does anyone, hopefully someone assosiated with the product, have an estimate as to an average percent increase it allows?


I don't think of it as just burning extra calories, I'd think of it more as metabolizing the calories you eat, better.

Less of the calories you eat will be stored as fat and possibly more will be stored as muscle. I wouldn't adjust the amount of calories or macronutrient split when taking this. If you know approx. how many calories you need for your particular body and goals, stick to that amount of calories.

Think of it as taking these will make your body make better use of the calories given to it. That's how I think of it anyway. I wouldn't adjust calorie intake based on if you're taking this or not, just based on your goals and body make up.


I do know that there was a study conducted which found a significant increase in energy expenditure for 24 hours after only one dose. That's about all the info I have, however.

More importantly though, it's important to understand that even if there were a figure available, it isn't totally reflective of what's going on. Where exactly the calories being expended are coming from, inhibition of lipogenesis, and multiple effects upon gene expression, need to be considered.

Also, giving an estimated percentage in this case, probably isn't the wisest thing to do as it would be very easy to be "off" considering that you're basing the data off a relatively small amount of people. The response, metabolically, to such compounds is highly variable so to give a figure, without having averaged it over hundreds and preferably thousands of individuals, is going to be a mistake.