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HOT-ROX as a Topical Fat Burner?


Does HOT-ROX still have the nano-dispersion whatchamacallit. Thibs said in the past he has used a topical fat burner. I was curious to see if using HOT-ROX as a transdermal on A2 receptor dense areas (like the chest, hips, and love handles) would this be effective at spot reducing.

I know the spot reduction stuff doesn't work school of thought. But I am more interested to see if the Yohimbine would work on the A2 receptors to kick start lipolysis. I thought of HOT-ROX because of the Yohimbine, but it can cause water retention, so the caffeine may also be beneficial.

Just thinking out loud...or in writing. But, seriously would be nice to hear from someone who had tried this, or maybe Mr. Roberts.


I know someone has tried this before, or maybe I was thinking of Rez-V. No wait, I read through the HOT-ROX Extreme intro thread

Tim Patterson
"The gel is very effective at penetrating the skin when applied topically. However, we aren't convinced it would selectively hit the fat stored beneath the application sites.

After penetrating the skin, the actives go into general circulation. This means that topical application and oral administration would most likely have equivocal effects.

On the other hand, you could try it and see what happens. If you do, please let me know about your experience."


I didn't use HOT-ROX that way but I have worked on a transdermal formulation that included yohimbine and several other ingredients. It worked where fat was relatively modest in the first place.

You are correct of course on diuretic effect. That, particularly for women, can be substantial and for most products is I believe the principal effect.

Topical dermal fat loss is one thing -- that is to say, fat loss from fat cells in the dermis. Which is not a great deal of fat but there is some there.

Topical subcutaneous fat loss, however, is another thing. I do not at all believe that it exists, because these fat cells have a separate blood supply.

So there is a limit to what can be done.


So do these mean it would be advantageous to apply topically or not?


Thank You gentlemen


It isn't how I'd formulate it for topical delivery. I have not actually tried HOT-ROX itself that way. If a person is not already quite lean the money would certainly be better spent and to better effect taking them orally. As to whether if pretty lean, but having a trouble spot, the capsules might be worthwhile used that way despite not being as I'd formulate it for that purpose, I don't know.


I have used it topically on my sides and stomach, it works, but I dont think it eats to has a spot reduction effect. It does seem to help me remove water from my body. One of the reason I did it this way was because when I take it orally (2 caps) I tend to get a nausea effect for a few hours. Transdermally, I didn't get that, I felt everything else.

I applied it before my workouts, I will say this, it has some grit to it, so you have to rub it longer than expected.