I read that this is a good stack for someone who is trying to cut fat. I am only 20 and have read that younger people shouldn’t take some supplements as it they can permanently mess you with your body and what not. Am I safe I stack these two supplements?


This shouldn’t be a problem, as you are over the required 18 years of age.

Your biggest problem may be how high your natural testosterone levels are. Most often there is a dramatic drop from mid to late teens, but some people keep producing high levels of testosterone past their teens.

I don’t think it would be harmful in this case, but I think it would be worthless because it wouldn’t do anything, kind of like throwing a match onto a bonfire.
I doubt this would be a problem for you though.

i really dont see any need for a 20 year old to take supplements other than protein, creatine, glutamine and a multi-vit/min. at your age you should manipulate your metabolism by altering your diet for fat-loss. besides, at your age why would you need supplemental testosterone anyway?

stick with lean beef for optimal testosterone production. supplement with ZMA before going to bed.

ok thanks for the help