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HOT-ROX and Thyroid Problems


I have looked into purchasing HOT-ROX and from what I have read it leads to fat loss and increased metabolism due to a more active thyroid. I love Biotest and use many of their supplements, but wouldn't HOT-ROX potentially lead to hyperthyroidism. I know the symptoms of this condition and to say the least they SUCK. So, is there any reason to belive that HOT-ROX is safe? Why wouldn't HOT-ROX lead to hyperthyroidism?


HOT-ROX doesn't cause hyperthyroidism. First, it's important to understand that an effect upon thyroid hormone levels is simply one mechanism through which it works.

As far as increasing endogenous T3 levels, a hyperthyroid state just isn't possible as negative feedback is in place.

It's important to differentiate between someone taking exogenous thyroid hormone and increasing endogenous production, which is what HOT-ROX accomplishes.