HOT-ROX and T2

I started my taking HOT-ROX this week and was wondering if it was ok to take it with old (not Pro) T2).

Also is it alright to continue to use Power Drive pre workout as I noticed the HOT-ROX has tyrosine in it as well.

Thanks for the help and for the great supplements

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I talked to Cy about this and here is his quote

“Your example actually works well. Something similar to what you just put (i.e., 4 weeks of T2 followed by 4-6 weeks of HOT-ROX) would be fine. Alternatively, you could use the T2 with the HOT-ROX and then simply drop the T2 from the equation after 4 weeks and continue taking the HOT-ROX for another 4-6 weeks. It’s not that I don’t want you to use them concurrently, it’s just the fact that one is defeating the purpose of using HOT-ROX in order to lose fat without decreasing TSH if they are using T2 during that same time period. However, following the above approach where you drop the T2 and continue with the HOT-ROX, this wouldn’t be as much of an issue. Hope this helps!” - Cy Willson

Also, on the issue of Power Drive, it’s been stated that you can use Power Drive and caffiene as a pre-workout “pick-me-up” in leiu of ephedra based products.