HOT-ROX and Spike?

I know in the Spike thread, Cy didn’t really reccommend taking these 2 supplements together, but he didn’t say it was prohibited. Has anyone tried it and what were the results? I really need to start taking HOT-ROX, but I had a buddy that told me Spike was the best thing ever so I want to try that too.

I’ve read about many people who have been using HOT-ROX and Spike in an alternating fashion. HOT-ROX one day, Spike the next, etc depending on your goals and which you like to use prior to specific activities (Spike before lifting and so on).

I haven’t tried this for any extended periods, but I never had any problems alternating like that - worked just dandy.

I wouldn’t opt for combining them both in the same day. If you need to drop a lot of fat, stick with HOT-ROX. If you only want to lose a moderate amount of fat try the alternating days protocol.

Personally, when I’m using HOT-ROX, I go with Power Drive for a mental boost.

Hope this helps a bit.