Hot-Rox and Sleep

I was wondering if anyone here slept better after taking Hot-Rox.

I am an EMT student and last Saturday I had to deal with losing my first patient. It was just sad. When you do CPR on someone it cracks the person’s ribs and when the air exits their lungs, their vocal chords make a grunting noise. So there I was, cracking ribs doing chest compressions on an 88 year old lady who was grunting and staring at me with her glassy, dead eyes.

I would say that night I did not sleep well thinking about what had happened.

Well, the next day I got my Hot-Rox and I took the recommended dosage and even though I was still thinking about the events of Saturday night, I slept really well.

Generally, even when things are normal I have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, so I thought it had to be the Hot-Rox. I stayed asleep all night and felt great the next day.

Has anyone else had a similar experience with Hot-Rox?


I’ve seen/performed CPR on a dying person and lost them. It was no fun. I feel for ya.

Sorry to hear that.

But the 5-htp in Hot-Rox is the most probable reason why you sleep so well. Not that’s it’s entirely important but… ok I’ll shut up now.

Sorry to hear about your experience. My sister has had similar experiences on many occasions, she was a respiratory therapist, and is now a full fledge doctor.

I’m on my second bottle of Hot-Rox now, and notice that as my body got used to it, it’s become more relaxed within about an hour of taking my 2-pill serving. I have taken it, against my better judgment, shortly before sleeping, and was surprised at how easily I fell asleep.