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Hot-Rox and pro-hormones/steroids

Anyone ever tried stacking Hot-Rox with a pro-hormone or pro-steroid or other androgenic compound? If so, in what circumstances and what kind of progress was made?


What are your goals, rrankin? Typically Hot Rox is used on a cutting cycle, and prohormones are used on a bulking cycle. There are those, however, who use a prohormone to protect LBM while dieting with a severe caloric deficit. If that’s what you’re doing Hot Rox would be highly complementary. If it’s not what you’re doing, I’d separate the two and use them in your different phases.

Does that help? If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

I actually just finished a cycle of Mag-10 while on HotRox. I didn’t go extremely calorie deficient but I did cut calories a bit, regardless, I made strength and size gains using while using both while losing some bodyfat to boot. On a side note, I did a half-dose of Mag-10 every day for two weeks, 3 in the AM and 3 in the PM. I read where you could use it that way to stretch it out for a tight budget and it worked well for me. Thing is, I was so pleased that I wanted my next cycle to be full dosage and then I get the news that Mag-10 has been banned. To answer your question, I give it a big thumb’s up.