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Hot-Rox and physical exertion

I have been doing some research into weight loss supliments and came across this site. I have read about the harmful affect of ephedra and other such stimulants on athletes and highly active people.

Personally I’m looking to lose about 30lbs. (6’1 220) I am training in Kickboxing and other martial arts 3 to 6 times a week and I am worried that the Hot-Rox suppliment could be hazardous to my health and training. Eg those atheletes you hear about that just fall down and die when on similar weight loss stimulants.

Is this all a bunch of urban legend BS… or would an investment in Hot-Rox be a worthwhile addition to my weightloss regimen.

Thanks for any and all responses.


Deltron, Hot-Rox does not contain any ephedra, you will not experience the same stimulant type of affect as an ephedra based fatburner.

The most important factor is your diet, but if that is in order Hot-Rox can be a great addition.

My personal experience is that it seems to curb cravings, making dieting much easier. It also has made a difference in my ability to not only maintain but increase strangth while on a calorie resricted diet.

You can get much more concise info from the following links…

Hot-Rox is not a stimulate-based product, so it will not be over-stimulating your cardiac tissue or your Central Nervous System. It will not make you fall over and die, silly! Good luck! It is a great product.