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HOT-ROX and NO2 Safe?

I take about 4 HOT-ROX a day depending on my activity level. I used to use NO2 and have been thinking about using it again to enhance my workouts. Would it be to be taking both at the same time? My plan would be to take my HR like normal, evenly spaced through out the day, and then NO2 according to whatever the label says. Can’t remember the dosage at this point. Is there anyone doing this? Thanks!

Many NO2 supplements are loaded with caffeine, which could pose a problem when used in conjunction with HOT-ROX.

My recommendation is to ditch the NO2. There have been plenty of articles and posts on this site with the reasons why.

The consensus here is that NO supplements are largely a waste of money. I wouldn’t even bother with using one.

Wow, okay THANKS!

x2 on NO being a waste of money, something like aminos and fishoil will give you much more bang for your buck in terms of results