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HOT-ROX and My Diet


Edit: I'm thinking of ordering Grow!Whey Protein mix for breakfast in the morning, as I usually have just a yogurt and whole wheat bread w/tuna or roast beef or natural peanut butter. Since I usually have whole wheat pasta w/veggies for lunch, is this a good idea, so that I don't take in too much carbs? I'm trying not to gain mass so that's why I ask. Thanks.


Yesterday night, I ordered a bottle of HOT-ROX, the regular version. I'm 25yo, 5'11", 200lbs. I started a diet a month ago where I eat about 2000 calories (healthy foods) a day. A little less when I don't work out. I train in Muay Thai/Boxing 4x a week for 1-2 hours. I lift weights 3x a week. I also do interval running 2x a week, and run 1 mile twice a week.

I'm wondering if there's anything I should know or do that can help maximize the results of HOT-ROX?

Thank you.


Nope not really except nail a SOLID diet and man I have to say 2000 is VERY low. How much are you losing each week. How is the gym performance, going down. You might be better off upping the intake in turn making gym performance better and the results better.

But everyone is ndividual but that 2000 mark for a healthy active 200lber is LOW.

What are you eating right now??

Yes the HOT-ROX will help and should preserve some of that LBM as well.

Best of luck, take it slow and smart so as to not regret losing a TON of strength/performance.


Weird thing is I don't think I'm really losing weight. It may be that I'm gaining muscle as well since I do lift weights. I'm an endomorph, so maybe I just have bad metabolism.

My diet consists of yogurt and natural peanut butter on whole wheat bread. For lunch I usually have whole wheat pasta salad with brocolli, cauliflower, and shredded chicken. For dinner, I'll have chicken breast or salmon with brown rice or salad. I'll have steak once a week.


well I would first drop most of those processed and simple carbs bread rise etc, and eat more fruit veggies good proteins and fats.

Here read these should give you a good grasp and base to ask further questions

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What simple carbs are you speaking of? I thought whole wheat bread/pasta is a complex carb? Sorry, I'm pretty new to all this.


I won't say if/maybe
I will say this is NOwhere near the caloric intake you need. NOWHERE!

You are starving yourself and your body is eating your muscle and storing fat. Right now--right as you read this.

With that type of workout and your bodyweight you need to be at a minimum of 3200-3500 cals./day for maint. You cant shave off 40-50% od your caloric need and expect to lose any weight that isn't mostly muscle. Your body has to eat something, so it's eatin' you.

Forget about your carbs. That's no concern. You do need to add about 500-1000cals a day and I would advise you to eat a lot-A LOT-more fat and fill the rest with protein and early day or PWO carbs.

And I never understood people who eat less on the days they don't work out. When do you think your body is repairing itself? When is it reloading glycogen levels to power you through your next workout? The only difference should/might be a PWO. Save yourself the 3-500cals. That's it.

Time to shake up all the misinformation you have re: weight loss and how the body works. Eat more. Eat more fats. Eat more often. Lose the weight. Keep the muscle.


No breads, pasta, rice etc really in any form are pretty darn simple and not complex. WHOLE GRAIN not whole wheat are better but still nothing like say whole oats, fruits, veggies etc.


How do you explain the velocity diet, then? I'm not saying lower calorie diets are the best way. I don't think they are optimal of necessary to get excellent fat loss. But I disagree that lbs of muscle are going to be falling off on 2000 calories. With proper training and supplementation [such as HOT-ROX] muscle loss will be minimal to nothing.


Don't mean to be a troll,but was Chris Shugurt and the hundreds,maybe thousands of people including me who did the Velocity diet full of shit.I mean,we all ate less than 2000 calories a day,ate more on our work-out days than non-workout ones,and lost weight while maintaining mucsle mass,even gaining muscle in some cases.I'm just asking you this because you're so absolute in your statement that low cal. diets don't work.


for one month! tops. that's what you can maybe do that type of diet restriction.

Secondly, are they doing hours of mma and cardio training on top of weight training while on velocity for ANY length of time.

You can eat all the HOT-ROX you want. At 200lbs with an extremely high activity rate noway/nohow are you maintaing lbm at 2000cals. You dump the water weight first and foremost on the velocity, then you level off.


Don't mean to be a troll,but was Chris Shugurt and the hundreds,maybe thousands of people including me who did the Velocity diet full of shit.I mean,we all ate less than 2000 calories a day,ate more on our work-out days than non-workout ones,and lost weight while maintaining mucsle mass,even gaining muscle in some cases.I'm just asking you this because you're so absolute in your statement that low cal. diets don't work.


I sort of addressed it in previous point, but let me say that my answer/reply was given with the knowlege I had given from the poster.

He had ALREADY been on this restricted cal. diet for a month. He was mma training like 6-8 hours a week. He was weightlifting 3x a week. He was interval training 2x a week He was joggin 2x a week.

Not for over a month on something like a velocity diet! The velocity diet may have its place--I just can't think of one. I guess if you have all your shit together and just want to drop some weight fast for some reason ok. But it is not a lifestyle and not effective long-term. And can't be effective long term with that type od activity level.


Well,I did an extended version of the V-Diet for 2 months and lost an average of 3 pounds of fat a week.So it has its place as a fast way to lose weight.But agree 100% about it's not any way to eat forever.Thats why I started out excusing myself for trolling.The author of this thread is going about it the wrong way,the way you replyed indicated no low-cal diets work.


Yeah. I tend to agree. I don't think I picked up on the extent of the activity aside from lifting the first time reading through that post.


Yeah, I'd agree with all of that. They do and they can work without muscle loss. But it's not a lifestyle. And such a diet would never be appropriate with that amount of cardio and level of activity outside the weight room.


Don't make generalizations. There is no way in hell I would lose weight at 3200-3500 calories per day. To put things in perspective, I bulked up to 250lb at 6'3 eating 4000 calories per day. I maintained that weight at 3200. I am coming down now and at 230 I am eating around 2300 calories a day and slowly losing.

On a sidenote, T-Nation's members are quite possibly the worst when it comes to training and dieting fads. Full body training was the "only" effective way to train at one time; and the stanard advice to anyone who is not jacked is squats, bench, deadlift, and pullups are all you need to get the physique you wanted. Now it seems that noone over 200lb should be eating less than 3000 calories.


First off--I made no generalization. I said that a 200lber at that level of activity would be around 3200-3500cals. for maint. I stand by that. From there, he would have to find his set points and change accordingly. It seems your reading skills could use a brush up

And your side snip wrt T-Nation members sounds like sour grapes from someone who's GF got her ass handed to her for bogus posting. Maybe you should worry about her satisfaction and improving your comprehension skills.


I'm just following the velocity diet until I lose enough fat. I don't plan on eating like this forever, but I will as long as I need to. Maybe I'm still doing something wrong, because I don't notice myself getting skinnier. Oh well, I'll just keep at it and see what happens now that I'm taking HOT-ROX.

On a side note, I get much hungrier now since I started taking HOT-ROX. Today is my 4th day. Is this normal?


haha....we broke up 5 months ago buddy....so I have no idea what you are referring to..I was just merely pointing out an observation on my part regarding member advice relating to diet and training.

I read your post thoroughly, but merely skimmed the first post and saw the weight and food intake and 3x week exercise....so with that being said...yes....I agree with you in that he is eating too few calories for his activity level...anyways...I stand by my statement regarding fad following..and that's not to say I don't love T-Nation...cause I get a lot of enjoyment from this site and think it is an excellent resource.....but there is a bit of author worship and fad following here that is hard to deny.

I haven't been active in quite some time..but doing a little research from posts made over the last couple months, it seems that since CT has made the transition to a more aesthtic focus that this has calmed down a bit and people are becoming more open minded instead of simply saying fullbody for life or stick to only compound movements, etc.

I've had 5 carbs today...so my reading comprehension skills are probably appalling at the moment...but in usual circumstances..such as when I actually read instead of skim...they serve me well enough to get a scholarship to a highly respected law school in GA. So no need to personally insult me bro..


You're right.

Personal is bogus.

And I think you'll find among my posts many call outs to the site whores who 'know' only what they read here.

Again, I owe you an apology