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HOT-ROX and Mood


Am I the only one who has never experienced the mood elevating effects others talk about when on HOT-ROX? Every thermogenic compound I've ever used has made me melancholy.


I don't notice mood lifting effects unless I'm at a sever caloric deficit, where otherwise I'd be feeling really down. Then I can really feel the HOT-ROX helping.

Day to day, I can't tell a difference.


ephedrine can make me irritable (HOT-ROX doesn't have any). Yohimbine (HOT-ROX has some, amongst other stuff) can make me feel slightly euphoric.

So, you know, it's very personal.

How do you react to just plain caffeine? It's in virtually every thermogenic


I do too. I feel good with caffeine, but HR is a whole 'nother level. I don't know what causes it, but I'd like to know!

I also like the raspberry burps.


I experienced a pretty significant mood boost and overall mental buzz on it.


Ive used a few fat burners and HOT-ROX gave me the best results and made me the least hungry while dieting


Stimulants generally elevate mood.

Love having caffeine to help start the day.


Same here. Caffeine does not do it for me, but HOT-ROX has a clear positive mood-boosting effect. That having been said, there is some down-regulation with continued use.


The only thing HOT-ROX does for me is make me sweat like a whore in church and make my face feel like someone set it on fire, it is good stuff.


I, too, get that flushy feeling in the face. I don't like it. What do you think it is or from?


I guess caffeine makes me feel the same way. I usually feel this way after drinking about liter of diet coke (I'm not a coffee/tea drinker). However, when I take HOT-ROX, its much more pronounced.

I, too, get that flushed-face-feel.


I've gone through two bottles of HOT-ROX without really feeling anything.

I don't mean to say they don't work for their intended purpose, but that I don't get any jitters or high or anything like that from them.

I tried another brand that rhymes with Deadline that made me talk a mile a minute. And that's a lot, because as a Canadian I usually just talk at a kilometer a minute.


why is HOT-ROX legal and cocaine isnt? I really couldnt tell the difference. Maybe I'm doing it wrong.
flushing=niacin rush? http://www.alternativecancerdiet.com/articles/2004/08/b3_niacin_its_a.html