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HOT-ROX and Meals?

new to the board and i have a question regarding HOT-ROX…i tried searching but couldn’t find an answer…

i am considering starting HOT-ROX but i’ve heard that it can be a appetite suppressor, is that true? if it is, how will that affect my meal plan? i’m eating 5 or 6 small meals throughout the day. if it suppresses my appetite, will that cause me to want to skip a meal, and if it does suppress my appetite should i skip meals? or should i just keep up my 5 or 6 small meals as i’ve been doing?

When on a diet, skipping meals are never beneficial.

Stick to the plan and eat by the clock, NOT when you’re hungry.

If I miss a meal I’m usually too hungry when it’s time for the next meal so I tend to eat too much, better to stick with small frequent meals.


No its not an appetite suppressor and no dont skip meals.

Skipping meals makes your metabolism slow down.

ok…thanks…i thought that didn’t sound right. if i decide to go on it then i’ll continue my meal plan.