Does anyone have any problems taking M and Hot-Roxx together, since you need to take both on an empty stomach and usally in the morning…Thanks

Not a problem for me.

George, there is generally not much of a problem with supps being taken together. It’s usually the fact that your supps and FOOD should not be taken together, and then only if it’s so stated on the bottle.

In general, your vitamins and minerals should be taken with food. Amino acids and enzymes taken to reduce inflammation should be taken on an empty stomach. “Empty” in this case generally means 2 hours after a meal and/or 1 hour before a meal.

Herbs can be taken two ways. If you take it with food, you’ll get a timed release sort of response. Herbs taken before a meal have a more dramatic/spiked/therapeutic effect. Depending on the result you’re looking for, the recommendation will be to take them with food in some cases and on an empty stomach in others.

Are you now thoroughly confused? (grin)

Thanks T-T

You’re welcome!!! (grin)