HOT-ROX and LG Sciences Stack

I’ve been taking HOT-ROX for the past 1 1/2 weeks and planning on taking the “Extreme” after this bottle is finished and I just purchased the trifecta stack from LG Sciences.
What’s included in the pack is

METHYL 1-D 135ct.
I-GH-1 60ct.

Unfortunately I didn’t do much research before I ordered because from reading posts from a while back, it seems the consensus is negative on this product. Well the 1-D at least. Couldn’t find too much on the rest.
Now I want to continue the HOT-ROX but I want to stack it with something to gain some more strength. It just seems like such a hassle these days to find a decent product that actually does what it says it’s supposed to.

In short, is this product a keeper? And if not, has anyone stacked HOT-ROX with anything that can be purchased in California and seen some actual results.

22 yrs old
5day lifting
2day cardio

Thanks in advance guys. It sucks only knowing a little about supplements.