Hot-Rox and immune system

I am curious as to what positive effects - if any - would Hot-Rox have on the immune system in a healthy individual? Also if you are on a beta blocker would there be any adverse effects by using the above supplement?


Probably beneficial. In fact, my first interest in these 5-ene compounds (going back to I think my first year in medicinal chemistry, so perhaps 5 or 6 years ago) was in their immune-stimulating effect. It’s an enormously impressive effect in rats. And in man it’s been validated with regard to improving immune response of the elderly to immunizations.

But so far as general application – in other words, are 5-enes such as 7-keto-DHEA and A7-E something you could honestly promote to people as ways to really reduce their incidence of illness – either the jury is still out or the effect really isn’t strong enough to merit such claims. My opinion is that the effect, for that sort of thing, isn’t strong.

So, while HOT-ROX may help a little, it may be nothing more than a little.