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HOT-ROX and Green Tea


Is it OK to take HOT-ROX with soem green tea in the morning?


I wouldn't combine HOT-ROX with a green tea supplement.

Though, drinking some green tea here and there probably won't be a problem.


Cy, Can you let us know the reasoning behind that. I am just curious as I am currently taking HOT-ROX and I love green tea. I always have it as tea, not a supplement but I am just curious as to why the two wouldnt combine well.




Even if using the minimum dose?(2 a day)


Hi Mike,

The reason is due to both the caffeine content as well as the possibility that other compounds in the tea may independently increase catecholamine levels as well.

The reason I say to avoid the supplements is simply because you're more likely to get a higher amount of the above in a more concentrated extract as compared to drinking a glass of green tea.

Hope that helps.


I wouldn't, but you could try and see how you tolerate it.