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HOT-ROX and Going Out


“You are one of the strangest people I’ve seen on this board. That is all.”

Actually Im pretty sure demon takes the cake on that one.

[quote]Proteinpowda wrote:
Actually I was thinking about Surge flavored vodka the other night as I walked home 10 miles from a nightclub [/quote]

uphill, in the snow…

[quote]hoosierdaddy wrote:

PP has more of his shit together in his little pinky then most college kids do. I’d kill to have a friend at IU who had his kind of dedication, although I can’t complain I have my bros on the football team, but alot of them even don’t follow their diet or academics (suprise) too carefully.[/quote]

Hey hoosierdaddy, I’ll be your friend!
haha, I go to IU, but you’re probably in bloomington, I’m at IPFW. I agree more so w/ you and Proteinpowda. It sucks feeling like you’re the only on campus who drinks protein shakes, eats on the clock, takes as many supplements, and actually trains legs. I’ve had like 5 different training partners since my freshman year and none of them could keep up w/ me either in terms of dedication or training intensity. My ex said I loved bodybuilding more than I loved her, which I knew was BS. But if she doesn’t believe and trust me, then why the heck should I waste my time trying to convince her why she should? It’s ok if you don’t want to go out and party, it doesn’t have to be your “thing”, it aint’ my thing. The mantra of our society is instant gratification, so why diet for 16 weeks for a contest when you can drink and party now? It sounds dumb to everybody else, but we ain’t everybody else, we’re T-men. My friends know and understand (at least somewhat) my bodybuilding, and they’re cool with it. If you’re friends aren’t, then are they really you’re friends?

what are you doing showing up at a club at 8pm? normal people don’t even go out till 11 or so.

Rah-Knee…I agree…it was a special event that started early and my roomate wanted tacos…

I agree with how HOT-ROX affects mood. I’ve noticed the same. Really has the people in my life a little confused.

insert psycho babble tone
I agree with those posting about balance. It’s one of life’s toughest lessons, but I find when balance is achieved happiness and contentment are not far behind. STOP OBSESSING! Stop trying to be perfect. You will drive yourself insane, been there done that, it’s not pretty. Seriously spend some time considering why it is you are obsessing over calories and workouts, what are you hiding from, not dealing with?
remove psycho babble tone

You are ahead of the pack in many ways, don’t forget though running with a pack can be just plain fun :wink: Love your posts!