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HOT-ROX and Creatine Combo?

IMHO, they are fantastic supplements.

Would it be good to combine them together though?

I’m concerned about the diuretic effects of HOT-ROX on the stored creatine in the muscle cell? Would it nullify it?

Goal: Loose fat while maintaining high strength levels.

Anyone else try this or any other Thermogenic Aid - Creatine combination, your feedback is greatly appreciated.



When ever I use HOT-ROX I continue to use Creatine, I see no reason to stop. Just keep in mind that you may be losing fat but due to the water retention sometimes caused by Creatine your scale weight may not change. A lot of good benefits from Creatine IMO to keep on using it even in that situation.


I’m going to start using HOT-ROX Extreme next week and I’m going to continue to use creatine. I don’t believe there will be any adverse effects.

Caffeine can affect the absorption of creatine. I would wait 2 hrs after taking HOT-ROX to take creatine or take the creatine then the HOT-ROX 30min later.

I thought that was just a myth.