HOT-ROX and Caffeine

I have a fight coming up in a few months and am looking to lean up a bit (from 13% to about 8-9%bf) by mid-December.

I just placed an order for all the supplements I will be using, and HOT-ROX is one of them. As a caffeine addict, I will be cutting out coffee for the next 2 weeks to reset my tolerance before cycling on the HOT-ROX. I plan to use it until early December before cutting it out of my diet. The fight is on 12-27.

My question is, can I take any caffeine at all while on it? I enjoy my coffee a lot, and I was wondering if 1 small cup a day or so will be alright. I don’t want to do anything that can potentially harm me.


Im taking HOT-ROX right now and I still have a morning coffee no problems.

Cool thanks for the input =)