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HOT-ROX and Bulking

Is using HOT-ROX while bulking counter-productive? It seems it could be useful to help keep body fat from rising while packing on LBM. But will it get in the way of ultimate bulking?


it seems like the concensus here is to use HOT-ROX when cutting and Methoxy-7 if trying to minimize fat gain while bulking. i was told though that the new supp Carbolin-19 will be more effective than Methoxy-7 in both mass gain and minimizing fat gain. so to answer your question keep the HOT-ROX exclusively for cutting. Cy, please correct me if i have mislead.

Personally I will never use something that is made to burn fat ( I know this isnt HOT-ROX only function) during a bulking cycle. I think if you want to minimize fat gain just eat clean and manipulate calorie intake. If your gaining more fat then you are happy with drop daily intake 250cals and try that for a week and so on. Personally I will be sticking with a certain calorie intake for about a month and then making adjustments, but I’m skinny as hell from illness so am more worried about total size and not so much about adding a bit of extra fat.

Ok…to put this in a very succint manner…if you want to minimize fat gain while bulking, you DON’T NEED supplements. What you need to do is get everything else right for the most part (since noone knows what the perfect way to eat is, doing the best you can with something proven effective works well). The best way to go about this IMO…Read Dr. Berardi’s articles. Massive Eating 1, 2. Also take to heart from Massive Eating Reloaded 1 and 2 the idea to only eat carbs in the 4-6 hours post workout on workout days…and to GRADUALLY increase your caloric intake. Don’t make a Proteinpowda goof and up them from 2200 to 4000 in one week; that just won’t work. If you can do what he says for the most part (I don’t follow it EXACTLY, like I can’t survive on only vegetables, but if you find a way that’s generally within his parameters and suits YOUR LIFESTYLE you’re golden.
Also you need to keep track, analyze your food logs, ask yourself why you gained or lost weight? Take pictures and buy some calipers to track your progress.
Also, take a message from Biotest. Even though they’re a supplement manufacturer, have you ever noticed what they include with all their supplements? A workout and nutrition plan. This is what seperate them from the rest, they concede the TRUE FACT that supplements aren’t what will make or break your body composiiton, your nutrtion first and foremost, then your training, then supplements (excluding lifestyle, stress, etc.)