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HOT-ROX and Biotest Surge?


I have been happy with the results I experienced when using Surge. I need to take some fat off from a lazy summer. Can I use HOT-ROX and Surge together? Take HOT-ROX at the regular intervals and Surge after training?

Thanks in advance.



Yea, they're fine together.


I guess they're ok together but if you're using HOT-ROX, I assume you're trying to achieve a peak level of leanness? If so then you may want to cut out Surge while you're trying to do that. The carbs you'll save will only help to enhance your pursuit of leaness. Try just some whey and 10-20g BCAA & 5-10g Glutamine during/post wo instead until you reach your leanness goal.


I gotta call bullshit on this. Not if the Surge is used properly post w/o it will likely even aid the "quest for leanness" by preserving or even helping add Lean mass



I have to disagree with this. Surge Recovery will help speed recovery from training allowing you to make better progress regardless of whether your primary goal is to increase muscle mass or decrease fat mass.

Check out the Double Surge Project at http://www.t-nation.com/readArticle.do?id=1509422 for more on this.


I disagree. If you're going for fat loss, I think Surge should be cut out. CT's physique transformation diet doesn't allow for it, so I'd think that most fat-loss diets would be better off without it.

Save Surge for when you're trying to put on size or for a carb-up day.


And I disagree with this. Anyone can stomach 46 grams of carbs post work out without ANY loss in fat burning. Think about it. If you're on a cutting program, you're dumping most carbs the whole day. 50 grams of carbs per day is well below the 10% daily limit (as in 10% carbs, 40% protein, 50% fats)


Ok I messed up. I had remembered something I'd read by CT about fat loss involving Surge but I remembered incorrectly. It wasn't cut out Surge completely but to reduce the serving size I got mixed up on. He says:

Rely on Surge post-workout without exceeding the daily carb allowance. This works best for relatively lean individuals (15% or less) since their daily carb allowance is higher. For example, someone who's 210 pounds at 15% body fat could ingest as much as 75g of carbs per day.

One full serving of the new Surge has 49g of carbs, so technically one can ingest as much as half a serving split pre and during workout and one full serving post-workout if he doesn't consume any carbs during the day.

However, it might be "safer" to use half a serving split pre and during and another half serving post-workout. In that case I'd add 10-15g of glutamine to both drinks to compensate for the decreased carbs.

Sorry for the confusion!


The argument here is really what is the best way to cut? That answer is highly individual so for some Surge is appropriate, others it may not be. Simple as that.


Very true and how far your cutting I mean getting to 10 or a little sub 10 aint shit going for 3-4% is a different story



That's also what I thought immediately. I figured if you're using HOT-ROX then you must be really trying to get down in the numbers so ANY reduction in carbs at that point coulndn't hurt. And yes it also depends on ones particular carb tolerance as well.