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hey guy's , using HOT-ROX in australia and its a kick ass product , in a couple of days i will be switching to HOT-ROX Maximum Strentgh. could i stack AMP with this product .



Hey bro not sure whats in amp but sounds like a stimulant. If so I wouldnt suggest it.

I know Cy has stated numerous times that NO stimlants should be stacked or needed really with HOT-ROX even other Biotest products Like Spike.

I when using HOT-ROX and Spike would use then on differing days. Might be an option for the amp as well.

Hope that helps,



Where do you get Maximum Strength HOT-ROX in Australia...?! And for how much?


AMP is a pre-workout stimulant made by Ergopharm.

As Ergopharm has not disclosed what the active in AMP is, I don't think its possible to say for sure whether you could combine it with HOT-ROX. Probably better to be safe . . .


i get it from a guy here in Australia, for about $110.00 a bottle


Taken from another site:

Amp is a proprietary blend of: 625mg
Chocamine (Theobroma cacau seed)
Geranamine (constituent of Geranium oil)
Caffeine Anhydrous

I don't know anything about the product...so I can't comment. You can probably visit their website for more info.


Hey PP -

Geranamine is a made-up name for a "constituent of geranium oil". But there are hundreds (maybe thousands) of constituents of geranium oil. Ergo has not disclosed which constituent it is, so that no one can copy it.