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HOT-ROX and Alpha Male Stack

Looking for a way to incorporate both of these. Would it be smart to take 2x HRX in the am, and 2x Alpha at night, or should I avoid mixing the 2 at all costs.

Right now I am cutting, but my T levels are in the shitter. I do have some lower grade Tribulus lying around. Would that be a safer bet?

No no no, take HRX with TRIBEX gold.

[quote]redgladiator wrote:
No no no, take HRX with TRIBEX gold.[/quote]

Good call, I second that. Then when you cycle off of HOT-ROX Extreme you can keep rolling with Alpha Male for the extended benefits from being on Carbolin 19 which continue long term. Or just continue with Carbolin 19 by itself.


I understand the issue here because it isn’t unreasonable to want the effect of both products. However because of the overlap of Carbolin 19 they don’t recommend taking the two together. Instead they recommend TRIBEX Gold with HOT-ROX. So you could use the TRIBEX Gold until you finish the HOT-ROX then start up with the Alpha Male.

On a side note I miss the nano dispersed Alpha Male! And M! :wink: