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HOT-ROX All The Time?


I was just wondering if you guys tend to use HOT-ROX on a regular basis or you use it for a cutting cycle?

Will HOT-ROX work towards cutting my fat while I eat a lot to still get all the calories and carbs I need?



most folks reccommend taking some time off of supps no matter what they are. i personally only use HOT-ROX while i am cutting. if you want to gain muscle with minimal fat gain check out christian thibaudeau's carb cycling article. it works, i have used it.


I'm pretty sure for all supplements, with the exception of Metabolic Drive and Surge, that Cy Willson has said for every 12 weeks of use, one should take 1-3 weeks off of that particular supplement. If you're coming out of a fat loss phase, I'd recommend just switching to Carbolin 19.

I myself haven't tried it yet, but it's gotten good feedback in terms of helping people not only stay lean, but also drop some bodyfat while simulatenously putting on some LBM. I also agree with the previous posters recommendations of Carb Cycling for bulking. Take care, and good luck with your goals.


Thanks for the replys fellas.