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HOT-ROX After Pancreatitis?


So about six months ago I had an alcohol induced Acute Pancreatitis attack (basically just being a dumb-ass about my health). Luckily everything turned out ok and the only adjustment I've had to make is to stop drinking.

Right Now I've just started dieting and I wanted to add HOT-ROX to my supplements but not sure if it would be a good idea given my history. I had taken HOT-ROX before without problems before the incident but still...

I know that nobody with a sense of responsibility is gonna say It's ok to take it even if they know about the subject, Im just asking for opinions, insights and/or experiences to help me make an informed decision.

I thank you all for your contributions on the matter.




Are you talking about addictive potential or some sort of contraindication between HRX and pancreatitis?


Some sort of contraindication.


Well, I'm not a doctor.

Why do you think there would be issues with HRX and (resolved) acute pancreatitis caused by alcohol consumption?

Am I missing something?


It's just that I've become wary about supps ever since the pancreatitis. It is by and large the worst pain I've ever felt (not to mention the death risk) and I wouldn't want to go through that again. I'm mainly concerned about the possibility of HRX being hard on the pancreas for some reason and mine not being able to stand as much as it used to before. Could be there is no reason to worry but I'd rather gather up the most info possible and be aware of any possible risks before making a decision.


It's your pancreas. It makes insulin and digestive enzymes. It's not your liver or kidneys.

Ask your doctor.


I had alcohol induced pancreatitis too a few years back. I haven't looked at the label of HOT-ROX in awhile but I don't tolerate yohimbe at all so it wasn't good for me. As far as the pancreatitis is concerned I thought I felt slight discomfort from it. I've done a lot of research on pancreatitis and yes even though it secretes insulin and digestive enzymes it's far more complicated than that. I notice certain things in my diet will spur on a minor barely noticeable episode.


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So you took HOT-ROX and felt a pancreas related discomfort from taking it?


Did you tell about this to your doctor ,if not then you should consult your doctor ...


It's been a long time since I tried it but if I remember correctly it contained yohimbe and yohimbe never sat well with me at all and always gave me chills and fever or flu like sensation along with nausea. Same sypmptoms when I had the pancreatitis attack but a lot of pain with the pancreatitis. With HOT-ROX not so much pain or maybe just barely noticeable discomfort. Pain might of been placebo type effect due to the rest of symptoms though.


I have this friend. His name is Ed Zachery.