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Hot-Rox - A few answers

Thanks Bill,

The reason I asked about this is due to an article by Patrick Arnold which states that DHEA and its metabolites would likely get “bootstrapped” into the bill as well. Obviously this would mean bad news for Hot Rox. Thanks again.

The article I’m talking about can be found on Netrition in their “Naturally Ripped News” section.

Who at biotest has taken it? there must be someone besides Tim Patterson thats has first hand experience. If so give us your experience. We want to know. Cy, Bill,? anyone?

More questions:

What are the suspected half-lives of A7-E and Sclaremax?

I’m guessing that the half-life of A7-E is somewhere in the 12-24 hour range. If in fact it is closer to the 24 hour mark (or so), wouldn’t it be advantageous to frontload Hot-Rox?

CY what is your opinion of people who are taking T4 already for Thyroid taking Hot-Rox? Is there any point?

Hot Rox


How bout MDX which I have been seeing tons of advertisements for?

Is this a separate product slated for release and if so, can you use MDX + Hot Rox?

dinoiii - T-mag has answered this one a few times. Hot Rox is MDX. I guess it was so much different and so much more advanced than MD6 that they wanted a new attention getting name for it.

I’m guessing MDX = Hot Rox.

What about taking hot rowx with anti depressants. I take paxil and since it includes 5-htp im guessing there would be a interaction. also does l- tyrosine interact with paxil in any way??

Cy and/or Bill~

With HOT ROX, how much caffeine (mg) does it contain per presribed dose?
The reason I ask: Frequent heartburn whenever I take in pretty much any amount of caffeine. Are there different forms of caffeine? After hearing that it was stimulant free, I was rather excited at the possibility of using this as one of my “heavy artillery” fat burners.

Since Hot-Rox can increase peripheral conversion of T4 to T3 (increased monodeiodinase activity) it would certainly be beneficial for one using T4.

MDX is essentially Hot-Rox.

Taking an SSRI along with Hot-Rox, again one should use some caution as having excessive serotonin levels isn’t a good idea, possibly risking the development of serotonin syndrome. The acetyl-l-tyrosine shouldn’t pose any problem in this case though.

Hope this helps!

Obviously the product should be taken before a workout due to the fatty acid mobilization, etc, but how long before the workout (or period in which the most fatty acids would be burned since this happens after the workout w/ HIIT) is optimal. For example, if I were to do 45 mins of moderate intensity cardio at 9am, what is the optimal time to take the hot rox? Also, at what other times during the day are the most valuable times to take the supplement?



I can see a “Hot-rox plan for success” coming down the pipe pretty soon with all of these variables and questions asked…


How strong is Hot-Rox’s muscle sparing effects? That is, how severe can the diet be without losing LBM?

I second the ‘Hot Rox Plan For Success,’ as time allows.

Derek, if A7-E were provided separately then taking a double dose on the first day would probably be a good optimization strategy, but being part of the combination, you wouldn’t want to double up on everything else as well. I think you still wind up starting high enough as is.

Derek, I just saw that you also asked about Sclaremax. We don’t have a figure yet on half-life; the dosing is based on practical experience of Tim, myself, and others, including “overdosing” experiments.

My guess is that half-life of Sclaremax is somewhere around 12 hours. Don’t assume that’s particularly accurate as it’s based only on impression, and, in the case of overdosing experiments, change with time of heart rate and blood pressure. Again, I wouldn’t front-load it.

Joel, I think because of the duration of actions of the compounds timing is not really important, but I suppose from the standpoint of optimization probably 1-3 hours pre-workout would be best.

Quantumbutterfly, I’m working on the
diet article now. Basically, until further experience is gained, I think one should use time-proven strategies rather than assuming more severe dieting can be gotten away with. So, if not using androgens, no lower than 12 calories per lb LBM per day.

Thanks again, Bill.

Hey Cy, I couldn’t find those studies. Do you have another cite? thx.

“That info was derived from data collected in two studies. One, if I remember correctly, Doug Kalman lead and another was in the Journal of Exercise Physiology. Volume 2, #4, October 1999. They found an increase in T3 concentrations without a significant alteration in TSH or T4.”

I have no clue what sort of journal access you have but you can at least check out the following page as it has those studies in abstract form:


Hope this helps!

Cool; I normally conduct the cardio in the morning, so wake up, eat and pop some rox and then do my cardio about an hour later. Thanks again,