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Hot-Rox - A few answers

This is in response to those asking about various “stacks” regarding Hot-Rox.

I don’t suggest using ephedrine or yohimbine with Hot-Rox. For one, we designed it to be effective without having to use other compounds concurrently. Aside from that, it would have defeated the purpose of making the product if we felt people would have to start adding things like ephedrine and yohimbine to it. Both of the aforementioned compounds work at the (beta 2 and alpha 2 respectively) adrenergic receptor leading to an increase in adenylate cyclase activity (ephedrine) or by preventing the inhibition of adenylate cyclase activity (yohimbine). But, with Hot-Rox, we’re directly activating adenylate cyclase activity via our post adrenoreceptor agent Sclaremax, leading to an increase in cAMP as well as preventing its’ degradation with other compounds. This is why we’re able to achieve such great efficacy while also keeping safety in mind.

When you start adding in yohimbine (vasodilator) to Sclaremax which also has a vasodilatory effect, you can then potentially run in to some adverse side effects. Along those same lines, adding in ephedrine can further potentiate significant alterations in blood pressure and heart rate. Again though, there’s really no need to use those compounds since we’re accomplishing the same things they accomplish only we’re bypassing that first step. Not only is that beneficial in terms of keeping heart rate and blood pressure in line but you don’t have to worry about down-regulation of beta adrenergic receptors as you do with things like ephedrine, clenbuterol, albuterol, etc., nor up-regulation of alpha 2 adrenergic receptors.

The T2 isn’t something I suggest using simply because it does cause some TSH suppression and one of the purposes of Hot-Rox is to increase thyroid activity while not causing any TSH suppression. Anyhow, the article published in this week’s issue did a great job explaining all of this:http://www.t-mag.com/nation_articles/250hotrox.jsp

T2 Pro may be ok to use but I suggest using it during those times when you’re not using Hot-Rox.
As for MAG-10 and 4-AD-EC or Methoxy-7, or Myostat, etc., these are all fine to use with Hot-Rox.


Are there any consequences to using something like Hot-Rox while on a stimulant such as Ritalin? I’m ADD, so the ditching the Ritalin is not an option.

Thanks for the help.

Are they going to give out some samples to T-man? I think more people would buy it, if they knew of people that have used it. At a $1 a pill, I would want to know what experiences’ a person had with a product before I spent that much money on a product.
On that note, if you decide to do this, put me on the list!

Note: add me to the list if it ever happens.

I’m waiting until I hear some testimonials before I purchase. It’s a tad bit spendy - and most of my $$ is going to strongman/powerlifting training/meets right now. Well, that and the Biotest stuff that I’ve been using for sometime now.


In your particular case with Ritalin, there is some potential for an increased chance of side effects. If you decide to use it, you should definitely consult with your physician before you actually use the product, as well as have him/her monitor you during use.

Hope this helps!


So, basically are you saying that the 7-keto DHEA and ephedra have an effect not worth combining?

And, yohimbe and sclaremax are two compounds not worth combining? Just so Im crystal clear here with you?

thanks, Da Boxer

I second that motion. Add me to that list too.

How does Hot-Rox raise T3 without affecting TSH?

Yeh count me in too.


Nrver fear, fellow T-Maggers. Your friendly, neighborhood Lab-Rat has ordered, and will post results asap. Excelsior!

I’m renting out my alter on the weekend’s for communal virgin sacrifice for some extra dough to try out some Hot-Roxx.

I agree with what has been stated by others. I realize there is a money back guarantee, but putting out that kind of money even temporarily for someone like your average T-mag reader may be a bit much. I am just starting a 3-4 wk cutting cycle and would love to give it a trial run.
If you do a "Hot-Rox challenge, I feel I am in a good position to evaluate it properly and would willingly post results. -LW

I’ve got three bottles coming via overnight delivery as soon as they start shipping. I’ve been cutting for a while now and am getting pretty close to the finish, but obviously as I am getting leaner the fat is coming off more slowly. I feel that I am in a perfect position to give it a good run since I have been taking MD6 and alternating between T2 and T2 Pro. I want to see if Hot Rox can put the finishing touches on my diet and get me down to the lowest I’ve ever been.

I really wish there would’ve been some kind of offer as per the Methoxy and Mag 10 Challenges (ESPECIALLY FOR DOG POUND MEMBERS!!!), but I am willing to “take one for the team” and post my results from a three-week run. I’d take it longer; however I don’t have all that much fat to get rid of. I have two immediate goals: a 28 1/2 inch waist or under (28 3/4 is all-time best) and a 4-5 mm. ab skinfold. Since I’ve been yapping about getting my picture up on the forum, this would be a perfect time to test it out.

What do you think Chris? I’m not even going to ask for a shirt or anything as I’ve already got them all.

I’m saying that ephedrine is not worth using in combination with Hot-Rox. The Sclaremax activates adenylate cyclase activity.

Yohimbine and sclaremax are not worth combining and can increase the chance of side effects.

As for how Hot-Rox increases T3 production, this was discussed in this week’s article:

Joshman, as Cy said, there’s some
overlap in activity between Ritalin and Hot Rox, as methylphenidate
also increases dopamine and norepinephrine. I wouldn’t say that the two cannot be used together but at what for a given individual is their optimal dose of methylphenidate, if Hot Rox were taken also then there would be more total activity than desired.

While I can’t recommend self-adjustment of medication as many would not get it right, if I were doing it myself I’d use only one capsule of HOT-ROX at a time, and reduce the methylphenidate dose, say perhaps to half to start with, and see how that went. It’s possible one might obtain desired effect against ADHD and ADD with such a combination while still getting additional significant fat loss benefits.

The likelihood of success I’d think would depend largely on what dose of methylphenidate was needed. If someone needed only 20 mg, as some do, then I’d be more hopeful of success as in that case it wouldn’t be unlikely that the HOT-ROX could simply be added on top of it without excess overall stimulation; but if more like 80 mg, then I’d be pretty dubious since any reduction in the methylphenidate for such an individual might be unacceptable, but adding yet more stimulant (and methylphenidate is a stimulant despite common belief that it’s a sedative) would probably be excessive.

Boxer Al, no, it’s not that ephedrine and 7-keto-DHEA “wouldn’t be worth considering.” By itself ephedrine has little detectable effect on fat loss if caloric intake is the same, but can be a useful anorexic, as well as aiding workouts in the gym for many. And 7-keto-DHEA is also of value. So it’s not that this combination would be of no value (and only if of no value would I say it wasn’t “worth considering”) but it doesn’t give maximal possible effect.

Hey Cy, I did read the article, my question was more geared toward this comment:

7-Keto DHEA has been shown to increase T3 in humans by as much as 30% (200 mg/day) without suppressing TSH!

I was just wondering what study this was referring to. Or how 7-Keto does this. thx.

Can anyone from T-mag or Biotest comment on Hot Rox and the impending andro ban?

That info was derived from data collected in two studies. One, if I remember correctly, Doug Kalman lead and another was in the Journal of Exercise Physiology. Volume 2, #4, October 1999. They found an increase in T3 concentrations without a significant alteration in TSH or T4.

Derek, the proposed legislation that has been published, namely an early draft of the House bill, wouldn’t ban either A7-E or 7-keto-DHEA.

However, one of those details of the Federal Government that’s usually not explicated in government schools is that quite typically Congressman and Senators vote for bills without ever seeing the text of the bill at all, and in some cases with the text of the bill not being available to anyone except the Congressional leadership.

So exactly what text may be voted on is unknown and at least at the moment unknowable. However, for sure there will be a great deal of lobbying against inclusion of even DHEA itself (which is an indirect precursor of testosterone) and 7-keto-DHEA and A7-E(which cannot convert to testosterone.)