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HOT-ROX -->> $90?!

Just swung by the GNC here downtown on my lunch break with my buddy that’s looking for some HOT-ROX.

We heard they had them at GNC so went in.

The small box of 80 capsules, that wasn’t even the max strength, was $90+!!

Holy cow!!

That’s crazy!
When I told the clerk that you could get them here for $50 for 140 of the max strength he just looked like a deer in the headlights.


Yea, When I first started supplement shopping I thought I was gonna go broke when I eyed the price tags in GNC. Lucky I didn’t have money to burn or I wouldn’t have checked around online, discounts are ridiculous when you buy in bulk online.

GNC has to prey on the simple or noobs I can’t see anyone actually paying that bill for long.