Hot-Rox 2 or 4 caps?

Hello there,

I’m about to start using hot-rox and, while the FAQ is useful, I’m unsure as to whether or not to take 2 or 4 caps per day?

If it would help, I’m 187lbs, at 16% b.f. looking to get down to 10%. My diet is strict T-Dawg 2.0.



Start at two a day until you’re sure you aren’t getting any side effects then go to 4 caps a day. Take them on an empty stomach to get their full effect.

Thanks mate. I’ll do that. Wish I’d bought two bottles now. Shipping to the UK is a bitch.

I use 4 caps a day. I couldn’t feel results on 2 caps a day. Usually after my second dose in the afternoon, I feel my body get warmer and it stays warmer until bedtime.

I’m a pretty big guy though. Maybe I need more of them because of my bodyweight.

Hey ollie,

Good to see another Brit T-man on the forum. I am cutting up at the mo and have been using 4 caps from day one. Been on Hot Rox for the 3rd week now and things are working out really well.

I take 2 in the morning when I get out of bed before I have my MRP. And then I take 2 more in the afternoon about 2:30-3pm.

I have found other posts in the fourm that says empty or full stomach is not a concern with vitamins and that some think it is better with food for better absorbtion.

Is this not the case with Hot-Rox