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Hot Flushes on HCG

Sorry if this question had been asked before, i am on 250iu HCG EOD. and started to experience hot flushes while trying to sleep.

I inject my dose at 10 P.M, few hours before i go to sleep. Even though the house is not hot, i experience sweating. And my sleep is disturbed. I couldn’t sleep well yesterday.

Is this a symptom of high E2? Should i try Aromasin if my symptoms go worse, if so, at what dosage and how many times a week?

My E2 was 30 before, rised up to 60 on Tamoxifen. But i didn’t measure again after Tamoxifen. It has been 2 months since i quit that Serm drug.


What else are you taking currently? It’s likely not the HCG, but you could go off of it for a couple weeks and see if it is.