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Hot Dogs Before a Workout


Is eating hot dogs before a workout bad?
I've been told they have too much fat, but I'm trying to gain weight and if i eat them right before a workout with no carbs wouldn't they be a good source of protein and fat? Or is it too much?


Too much of the wrong kinds of fat. The protein quality is pretty low too, unless you're getting off-the-charts awesome homemade hot dogs. Even if they're all beef, they're still floor-scrapings beef.

You'd be better off with nuts and a little protein shake if you're looking for a higher fat ratio.



Floor scrapings beef? Do you have any proof?

This is a long-standing myth. They're made with the same quality meat as any other mass-produced food product. If they weren't it would require specific mention on the label.

You didn't mention how long before a workout you were asking about. Three hours before? An hour before? Literally before you pick up the bar?

Whether they're good immediately pre-workout? I would think not, too slow digesting. You'd be better off with something like a big glass of milk, I would think.

If it's a little longer before, like an hour or more, they would probably be ok.

Or just slam a Surge just before you start to lift.


No they aren't. A friend of mine used to pull a prank on his med students by smearing a slide with a hotdog, then asking one to identify the cells. The result was always the same. The student would come back looking all puzzled and wondering how cells from so many different body parts ended up on the same slide.


I've been reluctant to post about this. Because this is really something I don't want people to know about.

Eating hot dogs before working out is the best thing you can do. No, really. You see, hot dogs have some ingredients in them that make them the most perfect pre-workout meal available. Even John Berardi couldn't make anything better. I mean, Surge is a great product. And it's really good post-workout and all. But pre-workout, it doesn't have that "secret" ingredient that only hot dogs contain.

I can't tell you what ingredient it is because I've been working with a lab and some business partners to make a liquid pre-workout meal that uses this special ingredient for the ultimate pre-workout concotion that will guarantee results.

So, keep eating those hot dogs, and in no time at all, you'll be so freakin' huge, you'll thank me for it.

Here's a tip: Eat at least 2-3 "all beef" franks about 30-45 minutes prior to your workout for the best gains. Boiling them is best. However, if you want to microwave them or grill them, you can. Just remember that microwaving them does cause a higher amount of estrogen to be ingested, and it could offset some of the potential gains. And grilling isn't ideal because it can cause the "secret ingredient" to leak out, thus not getting a full dose.

I gotta tell you that bringing up this subject blows my mind. I didn't know anyone else knew about my newest discovery. This means I need to work even quicker in developing the product and getting a patent.

I'm also working on a name for this new pre-workout drink. But I don't want to release any information yet, just in case someone tries to steal my idea.

Good luck and keep training and eating those 'dogs!



That's probably the funniest post I've ever seen of yours...



Definitely the funniest thing you have written. LMAO!


Yikes, my sarcasm meter just exploded.


Since Hawkson is all over my discovery of the ultimate pre-workout concotion, I have gone ahead with production. I have a limited supply of this pre-release version of the ultimate pre-workout drink utilizing the secret ingredients that only hot dogs possess. So, here you go!

Orders are limited to two bottles per person at this time.



Ah it's a good day to be named Nate.


I don't understand why this warrants a forum post.

If you're doing it once, it obviously doesn't.

If hotdogs are your standard pre-workout meal or something you eat often enough... well let's just say you have bigger issues to tackle in the dietry world.


Oh, by the way. Since this is a pre-release special, I have not renamed the product at this time.

I will be testing potential names during a focus-group study. However, here's another one that might work for production.

Like I said, there are some "secret" ingredients in addition to what hot dogs contain.


You kill me! Can I have four if I send you that video I promised?


You must of gotten laid sometime between the time we last talked and now because this stuff is hilarious.


Yes, yes! Special circumstances warrant extra bottles being shipped to your door.

As soon as the video arrives, I'll have the other bottles sent...overnight! :wink:


Sweet! Soon as I can get Joe Weider and Vroom to agree on a place to meet I'll start shooting...


I'm going to be serious here. Hot dogs are probably the worst thing you could eat before a workout. One of the biggest reasons is they like other processed meats are high in nitrates and tryptophan.

I wouldn't touch a hot dog for the life of me, but I use to eat deli sandwiches for lunch at school, and I'd be out cold in class about an hour later. I was a good student too, it really puts me to sleep.


BTW that was the funniest shit, I've seen in a long time. I needed a good laugh, and I thank you sir.