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Hot Dog Eating Contest on ESPN2


hotdog eating is a sport? I digress.
Do they just all go and puke afterwards or what, does anyone know?


Mmmmm... Hot Dogs...

If you don't sweat, or keep a score, or there's no controversy over who the winner is, or you can chew tobacco while practicing it, then it's not a sport.


I guess baseball and golf are out.


you could really throw a dip in playing just about anything


I saw the most recent one, w/ the japanese guy winning everything. He was definitely the most " athletic " out of all of the contestants w/ the hugest and most ripped arms and having the best hot dog eating motor skrillz out of all of the contestants. He was just cool cause he was japanese and had a headband. Oi!


You got it, jim. :slightly_smiling: