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Hot Dog Contest, Chestnut 1:7 Favorite


Sure your looking at only making 14% profit, but that's almost guaranteed.
Unless he gets disqualified, he'll destroy the field.
It'll be like Secretariat at the Belmont


The people that bet on competitive eating are almost as dumb as the people who compete in competitive eating


1:7 odds and some of these dudes make six figures. Yeah, wicked dumb.


Really? Is it a dumber gamble than getting behind the wheel daily? Or smoking?



I never gamble, i'm joking, but if was a betting man....

He will dominate, he's an athlete you know! lol


Six figures to be gluttonous side show attractions? Well I suppose if it makes you happy



^^ By Asian standards, she's likely obese


So Joey won with 62, but rumor has it Kobayashi had 69 on that NYC rooftop, he gained 18 lbs in 10 minutes. they weighted him


Says the vegan. 1:7 odds say you're a pussy.



At least I don't have distressing and painful bowel movements




I'd rather have painful bowel movements than a vagina.


Says the soccer fan...


You could have said "Says the Arsenal fan", would have been more fitting.

But hey, all that "soccer is for girls" thing makes me think. In the top three sports in USA, two of them involve heavy armor and no physical contact except postmatch handshake in the other one. So I wonder who's really the pussy here...



got a good laugh out of that one, just wanted to post my thanks.


What is this heavy armor and no physical contact you speak of? And honestly, soccer gets hated on because the guys flop and whine like little school girls. If they didn't act like it was such a fierce sport, nobody would have any gripe with them.



Wait, wut?


American Football (compare to Rugby, Australian Rules, etc.), Ice Hockey (compare to the other kind of hockey) and baseball ("good game bro" shakes hand).

I've played football (soccer) for a long time and while some players do really whine, getting kicked in your support leg or when trying to reach the ball hurts. A LOT. It only lasts a minute or so, but the shock itself hurts.

A few Summers ago I was playing in a friendly environment. A guy tried to dribble me, I tried to reach the ball, missed and hit his ankle very hard. He was fine after two minutes, but the look on his face terrified me because I thought I had injured him.

I don't disagree that diving is annoying though.


Please don't mention real ice hockey in the same sentence as that gay-ass men's field hockey they play down in Tasmania or wherever...