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Hot dog carts?

So I’m thinking about buying a hot dog or espresso cart to work at a few hours a day to help pay for school. Doing internet research it looks like it can be a decent part-time job that makes pretty good money. Does anyone on here have any experience running one of these or any pointers on getting started? Thanks

I have never owned one but I know two people who did. One was an older partially disabled WWII vet that towed one behind his car and parked in front of the office where I worked in Old Greenwich. He made his own chili sauce and cucumber pickles and packed them in. The other is named Sweeney and still has his hot dog truck parked right off exit 46 of Route 95 in New Haven. He has made a bundle…so much so that he has entered the elite circle of wealthy people that invest in Hollywood productions. He is still there 7 days a week and franchises the push carts in the city itself in the summer. These may be the two exceptions but they sure made a good living at it. I suspect, though, that it is like everything else, for every success story there are a ton of failures.

If your city allows it get two bikini girls. No I’m not kidding. There used to be a guy who ran one of these a few miles from my uncle’s distributorship and he always had 3 really hot bikini models holding up signs or serving the food. Guys would line up down the street during lunch hour to buy a hot dog from him. I think the girls may have been from the strip joint down the road. Sadly the city made him stop eventually :frowning:

or you can get one of those little ice cream carts and walk around town selling ice cream. be sure to get the little bell noisy thing that goes with it.

Geez, I read this post and immediately thought of the movie “Quicksilver” (starring Kevin Bacon, and a cameo by Nelson Vails, who none of you probably know of, but was the US best sprint cyclists in the 80’s, and sported 32" thighs). But I can just see you applying for the loan in “the best suit Hernandez had.” LOL.

Anybody see Sleepers? with Kevin Bacon. There’s reason enough not to mess with a hotdog cart.

Just don’t start eating your own dogs or its lardville for you!


p-dog lmao.ring ring