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Hot/Crazy Scale, Fact or Fiction?




I have one experience where I have found this to be true. I really did love the girl, but there was a whole slew of issues that kept arising. As time went by the craziness would reinforce itself. I personally questioned myself going through it, wondering if I was one of the crazy/ugly ones haha...


I'm hot and crazy

But I'm so worth it baby




Are we questioning whether hotter girls are allowed to be crazier then less attractive girls? Cause if so, I thought that was just common sense.

Or maybe we are questioning whether there is an actual line drawn somewhere in the world that has every woman's name on it constantly sliding around that guys are able to go to to determine whether or not the girl they're interested in falls under the line. If thats the case I think its ficition.


How original


. Its referenced in the link. Didn't claim to be mine. Thanks for the input though. It was tops.


I was commenting on the article itself.


Yea.....thats the the point of the thread



Plain and ugly women are crazy too.



Not as crazy though. This is more endocrine truth than ho myth. The fat ones are tricky though, you can't tell if they are in the genetically hot camp or not.


^^that bitch is HOT. DGAF how crazy she is. From the few candid moments I've seen of her, though, she seems pretty down to earth. Like the time she thanked all her digital-airbrushers for making her look perfect. Humility just adds to the appeal.


Take into account that man is gay.


Good point.

'Bout like getting steak recipes from a vegan.


its so so fact


That can go both ways, while there are gay men who would never say something bad about their besty, which inevitably is a woman, there are others who have an unobstructed view when it comes to the female of the species, which seems to be a surprisingly easy thing to have unless you are blinded by your desire to get laid.

Also, the screenwriter was probably straight.


Wait...so by that hotness scale, Britney Spears is apparently a 1? And Giada De Laurentiis is a 10? Megan Fox is (roughly) a 7?

I only rate women's looks on a binary scale. They're either a 0 (no) or a 1 (yes). It's simpler that way. Keeps my simple brain from overheating.