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Hot-Cold Therapy


I've come across hot-cold therapy a few times over the years as a method for enhancing recovery. Something about flushing lactic acid I think. However, I've never seen references to studies and/or the optimal way/timing for it. What Ive picked up as a habit is in a post-workout shower I start with warm/hot water and finish with the coldest setting.

I've heard of athletes using ice cold tubs and alternating back and forth etc. but I was wondering if anyone has looked further into this and can share or point to some info.


There have been many threads on this topic. One finished up not long ago. Go to the search engine and check it out.

I have used hot/cold therapy for a few years now and find that it helps recovery and also speeds healing if you have an injury.

And personally, while I'm sure the extremes work well I have not used those methods.

I simply go from an 80-83 degree pool to a 103 degree hot tub. The difference of 20 to 23 degrees may not seem like much but it makes a very big difference in my training.

I do this about twice to three times per week.

Good luck in your search!