Hot and Cold Sweats on TRT

So basically I feel as if I’m withdrawing from opiates. I mean that’s what if is similar to. I’m on Test Cyp 60 mg E3 days. And that’s all. My thyroid RT3 was only thing out of balance. Well E2 was 15 and Total T was 911 at trough. All other labs are good. Should I reduce my dose? Maybe I’m depleting a mineral, not sure. I take Mag, D3, K2, and have Cytomel for the high RT3 but only took it a week and then stopped. I stopped over a week ago. I was just getting overly hot and now it’s both with sweats, even when cold. Unless I somehow am Hypo or hyper and my #’s don’t say so. Anyone else has something like this and would reducing my dose help? I noticed the other day before injection I didn’t feel near as bad. Thanks!

Btw I’m 13 weeks in and this protocol is 5 weeks in
Note:I was getting hot before the Cytomel. I took one last night and my feet warmed up and felt a lot better. I don’t think I need it though. I don’t need think 5mcgs for week would do anything.

Im also taking cytomel 6.25mcg per day.
I tried to increase to 12.5, but my sleep fucked up so I decreased again.

To be honest I have no idea what can be causing that. Are you blocking estrogen? It seems quite low to me.

I’m not. I thought it was either high E2 or the ratio. Maybe I need HCG to boost estradiol? Or bigger less frequent shot? Will my TSH plummet on Cytomel? Mine was 0.668 prior and now 1.02 post TRT. Maybe it goes up further and balances with Cytomel?

Did you change your workouts? Are you working out harder? I went through a period of soaking the bed, but Do you workout? I was pushing hard at the gym and I believe it was my body recovering.

You just stopped t3. I would wait a couple weeks and assess

If rt3 was only thing off and ur tsh was near 1, you may have not needed t3. Rt3 can fluctuate. And can be affected by diet/fasting

You may have gotten bad hyperthyroidism symptoms on the t3

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Well I was only on it for a week total, so I would assume that it wouldn’t effect me in any way negatively, but not sure. My RT3 was 40 and then 25. So it’s always been high. Not sure if Defy Medical only care about the $ or if I really need it. I do have Hashimoto’s antibodies. It’s mid range 15(0-35). They think I’m becoming auto immune. My son has it. It just hasn’t affected my TSH yet

That’s some high RT3

Night sweats/ cold sweats are exactly how I can always tell if I’m taking too much thyroid meds. cytomel Acts very fast in the body, and symptoms will show up quickly.

As another point of reference, if I accidentally take my thyroid meds twice in a day, I’ll get night sweats for pretty much a whole week.

Hypo thyroid is typically the opposite, you can’t get warm enough. when you get out of the warm bed in the morning you feel like you’re getting hypothermia until you can put enough layers of clothes on.

Well I happened to be awake when you replied. I was off Cytomel well over a week when symptoms started. I was only on it a week as well. So I wouldn’t think how it being out of my body it would start up