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Hosting Financial Seminar in UK?

i am presenting at a few seminars in the uk in the next weeks about business and fincancial development for people in the fitness industry (or trainees). my london host canceled his event last minute, so i have 1 day inbetween where i could do another seminar.

i want to fill that gap, so if you are interested in hosting pm me and i give you details! since it’s last minute the seminar is very low cost, but i only want highly motivated people there who want to seriously improve their financial situation!

here some general info:
location: london or near
duration: appr. 2h
prerequesits for the host: a room, blackboard/flipchart, pens
at least 10 ppl in audience (could be anybody, as long as they are actiontakers)

time to the event is short, so the first one to pm me will get it