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Hostile to Religion on Campus


Case in point!

Perfect example of what is going wrong in this country. How far could stuff like this really go? This discrimination crap is all about those with touchy-feely feelings that don't know how to deal with disappointment. How long before the word "no" is stricken from the American dictionary.


The article fails to mention that the policy went under review after one of these Christians frats forced an openly gay member to resign.



Well, yeah. It's a Christian group. The gay club is down over yonder.


You're right. They are entitled to their bigotry. Just like that church that was against interracial marriage.


Oh what a pansy assed statement. Make you african-american clubs. Your hispanic clubs. Your gay, lesbian, bi, tri, trans, post-op, pre-op, women's, clubs...But the Christian club shouldn't really be Cristian. Lighten up, Francis. Tissue for the tears?


This makes me laugh.

I joined the Japanese club while I was in university because I was into Japanese culture at the time.

I have round eyes and dark skin.

I knew a couple of guy guys in the Indian students Association who would take their white-Canadian girlfriends to meetings where they were treated as equal members.

None of these other groups you're listing were as discriminatory as you seem to think.


"...Contrary to the university's stated goal of inclusion and tolerance, the change in policy jeopardizes the operational freedom of all religious organizations on campus. Patricia Helland, an associate dean who oversees religious life at Vanderbilt, defended the change in an interview saying "organizations can have core beliefs, but that organizations can't require their members or leaders to abide by or adhere to those core beliefs."

It begs the question: How can an organization maintain its identity without the ability to choose its members and leaders based on those beliefs? The answer is: It can't.

Vanderbilt's new nondiscrimination policy enables a Jewish student to become president of the Muslim student organization, or a Christian student to become the president of the campus Hindu organization...."

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2012/01/31/why-is-vanderbilt-turning-hostile-to-religion-on-its-campus/#ixzz1l90D7XAa

This is the logical conclusion arrived at. A new level of crazy. Look, if gays aren't limp-wristed, nancy-boys, don't treat them as such. There's a LGBT fraternity at Vanderbilt.


/Hands you a handkerchief


Notice how inclusion and tolerance basically means monoculture, with differently spiced foods, attire, and music. Same house, different drapes.


Sure, maybe an all out policy change is not needed. Perhaps a case-by-case review of reported complaints of discrimination by the school would be better.

Although I think the threats the article mentions are absurd.

So can an openly gay person be a Christian?


But what about joining a Japanese club for someone who hates and disagrees with Japanese culture?

This policy also makes it a requirement for a gay club to let in people who think being gay is immoral.


This is pretty simply to rectify. Take your complaint to the school. People who join a club for the sole purpose of disrupting the group should be removed.




That's what this rule forbids.


That's why I made the point about not changing the rule, instead having the school administration review reports of discrimination on a case-by-case basis.


I just found it the funny the article in the OP failed to mention the gay student who was asked to leave.

It makes it sound like the school just chose to review the policy because they hate Christians.


I like how much multi-culturalists actually hate multi-culturalism. It ends up being nothing more than a decision akin to choosing between Panda Express and Taco-Bell.


I'm not sure why you believe this, to my knowledge only the Christian frat is having issues.

Last I checked, Christianity in the US is ubiquitous. If you want to be part of a church group that fully aligns with your beliefs walk the extra 5min and go to the church off campus.


My roomate did, he's a Pentalcostal, the on campus church group was non-denominational.


Err, why should they have to walk? They can form a like-minded group right there. Or, does that horrify you? They must be driven to the churches! Give not a inch more!

Fast food multiculturalism, rofl. Monoculture.