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Hostile Development of an Offensive Juggernaut


Hi all.

Finally decided to start a T-Log, hopefully save me on space seeing as all my old logs are in notepads in my desk at home. I'm just at the tail end of the offseason period in our football season, i've been training 5/3/1 with the BBB assistance work.

I play RB for our div2 team, i;ve just been trying to add mass and strength whilst keeping my speed as fast as i can, as our other Rb's are generally skinny and fast but have no power to punch holes through the D which lead to alot of missed chances last season.

Anyway Yestarday's workout was

(all work outs i warm up with foam rolling+lacrosse ball work on sore/problem areas and then follow with dynamic stretches and activation drills for the areas i'll be working.)

Mil press: (all mil press sets supersetted with sets of 5 pullups) warm ups 30kgx5 40kgx5 50kgx3

Work sets 60x5 70x3 80xr got 3 and lost it due to a wobble at the top of the movment.

assist work: Was pushed for time and felt like switching it up a bit, performed 5 rounds of a tri set

mil press 50x10 > pullups bw x5 > barbell curls 50x6-8

gave myself 60 seconds rest between rounds.


Training 18.1.11

Warm ups 80x5 100x5 120x3

Working sets 150x5 170x3 190x1

assist work RDL's 100x10 100x10 100x10 100x10 100x10

ab work 3 sets till failure

Linear Speed drills (full recovery)
5x 5yard starts
5x 10 yards
5x 10 yards -> lateral step and go



warm up 40x5 50x5 60x3
Work 80x5 95x3 105x6
supersetted all bench sets with sets of 5bw pullups

assist 5 sets of 60x10 supersetted with barbell curls of 40x10

did the 100rep KB circuit of the recent T-Nation article with a 24kg bell was horrible.



warm ups 40x5 50x5 60x5
working 80x5 100x3 110x3

assist front squat 5x10 with 100kg, lunges with 60 for trips over 20meters and back

bear crawl/ push up drills and some blocking drills for cardio.


De load week, first one in 8 weeks defo needed.

so to fill the space here are some random gym pics. the xmas hats are custom from our xmas day training :stuck_out_tongue:


pics arent attaching -.- how does this work


First pre season practice this sunday. Went well just fundamental drills with all the new rookies and some O on D plays, nice facemask shaped bruise on my right arm lol


another attempt at pics -.-















Training today sucked, majorly. i skipped mondays workout as i was so toast from sunday's 4hour practice.
barley made my work sets today, 150x5 160x5 170x5

assist work was glute bridged hamstring curls using the keg 3 sets of 10

and med ball sit up throws against a wall 3x10

lower back is still feeling shite, day off on wed and bench on thrusday hopefully clear it up.


Pre training a good year and a half ago


and another in the same shirt taken last week


Bench work 3.2.11

did some hockey ball rolling for my shoulder triceps, felt great.
usual dynamic warmup

warm up sets all sets had a set of 5 pullups inbetween
40x5 50x5 60x3 Problem i used to have with dynmic work when i was pl training was that the speed of the bar would yank me off of the bench and the top, does anyone else have this problem/ a solution?

work sets 80x5 90x5 95x10 all very good last set i stopped as soon as the bar stopped clinking at the top.

dips/curl superset dips bw for 5sets of 10/ curls 40 for 5 sets of 10

conditioning just did 10 20 yard sprints decline pyramiding the rest from 60 seconds so the last 4 are all out back to back


Sunday Pactice

went well, some horrific W run drills longer than id ever done really felt them. Lot of time doing sfa after drills as the focus has been on sorting out formations and routes with the new Tight end and wide receivers. Lots of pass blocking and the coach has taken out alot of our old 2back plays and our offense has alot more no huddle plays so need to work on conditioning a load more this season.


Mil press training 7.2.11

usual warm up stuff

warm up sets 30/40/50

work sets 65x3 70x3 and got 75x5 not even close to failure just caled it short cause i felt pretty beat after sunday's late night watching the superbowl.

all sets supersetted with wide grip pullups for 3 reps

shoulder shocker superset x3 also supersetted with pulls.

tricep push downs supersetted with bicep cable curls 5x10reps