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...I don't know what to say. If you've seen it, discuss. I'll start.



So are you saying I should cancel my plans for tonight to go see this movie?


Two Words...HELL NO


Imagine a gorier, more warped, more demented, more sickening Saw...

Here's the premise: guys pay to torture people.

I've never been in a louder theater. People were talking above a whisper constantly and shouting at the gory parts just to relieve some of the tension.

But yeah, good movie. Go see it.



Wolf Creek had more terror. This was just gore....and lots of boobies.


Gore and Boobies. Sir, only those type of movies deserve to exist


Really ?

What of those Hentai movies were girls in school girl uniforms get molested by tentacel monsters?

Gore and boobies, yes, but there is more to it...


This movie will make you squirm. There are scenes that you'll feel like you're about to be tortured, and every time I looked over my girlfriend had her eyes closed. It wasn't as "spooky" as I'd hoped, but was still a damn fun movie. I'll say that if you've got a weak stomache I'd pass on it.


The boobies added value to the movie!

Very beautiful women too!


Gotta love Quenten Tarantino's imagination.


I saw it last night and quite frankley, it is a true quinton movie.Not as fucked up as pulp fiction but worth the money


Very entertaining. I'd say it's a mix of euro trip and saw. You got the hot ladies and some goriness.


Who and the what? Tarantino only paied for the production of the movie. Sure, he probibly influenced it, but He didn't direct or write any of it, being that he's the exectutive producer and not the director or writer.

The director's previous movie was Cabin Fever (can't remember the guys name).


The name of the Director is Eli Roth. He's one sick fuck.


to be honest, I was kinda disappointed. I was expecting some Takashi Miike (cameo appearance BTW) influenced torture fest, but alas, those scenes were few and far between.

I went to that movie expecting to squirm a lot more than I did. Oh well...

I mean the build up to it was ridiculous, and then there's very little payoff.

the chicks were hot, tho.


Almost forgot,

you guys want to see a truly sick, gory ass film?

Check out this french flick called "High Tension" - French? yeah. French. Anyway, it blows Hostel out of the water.



yeah that movie was awesome.. . Im not much of a horror fan but I loved that one so Im kinda keen to see this new one of his. ..


I have High Tension and I wasn't impressed. Maybe it was the french, or maybe it was the "twist" at the end, but it didn't seem to flow. If this is worse than that, then I will save my money. I will say I liked the twist, but the acting is what was lacking as well as the director.


yeah, I can see how the acting sucks - but then again it's a horror film - I pretty much expect the acting to suck off the bat. I'm looking for gore and basically original ways to kill people.

You can't tell me that scene with the dresser drawer wasn't cool and the whole concept of a homicidal plumber in a 'death van' wasn't cool.

the twist, I figure is to explain the series of sequels that will inevitably follow.

if you want story, Hostel is better - if you're looking for a pure horror film then I gotta go High Tension.



im betting it's about as good as Natural Born Killers.

basically, that means that it sucks large balls; and not in 'bad production values/skills' sort of way, but in a 'why the fuck are the people who encourage this beyond dememted shit allowed to remain breathing?' kind of way.