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about to start work at a hospital as a transporter, The job includes walking 16-18 miles a day. Is this going to hurt my muscle gains at all. should I just compensate by adding extra calories on those days I work?thanks for the suggestions.

A simple, but not very practical solution:

Go to the gym and walk 16-18 miles on the treadmill to get a feel for exactly how much extra exercise you’re getting. If you’re fortunate enough to go to a neon lit fancy gym you’re treadmill will also give you a ballpark number of calories burned. This probably isn’t totally accurate, but you’ll get an idea.

Impractical solution number 2:
Quit :slight_smile:

it might be a little easier and more accurate to get a pedometer and wear it for a day of work, then check how much extra energy you actually expended.

But he’s not going to be walking 16 miles all at once is he?

Pedometer. Dammit. Good idea.

no thunder, Im not going to be walking it all at once, I’ll be doing it in a rather unorganized schedule, I might walk for 4 hrs straight or I might have some free time with breaks in the middle.How much does a pedometer usually cost?