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Hospital Visitation


Seriously, what the fuck? How do you even justify this bullshit?


Since this IS "PWI"...

Which side/argument do you consider bullshit?



I find denying visitation to be one of the most disgusting things I've ever heard of.


I'm going to say that I don't think I believe (from the bible) that the sin of homosexuality is aggravated by the act of allowing 2 people to be in each other's presence during a medical emergency. I also don't think I see the spirit of the gospel or the kingdom of God advanced by denying 2 people the mere right to be in each other's presence during a medical emergency. For one thing it's the perfect time, place and circumstance to tell them both about forgiveness and redemption. Yes, I really would do that and yes you really will rail on me for it too.


As far as I understand it, he claims that homosexual marriage is illegal according to his states constitution and that those visitation list are a lot like marriage, in fact so much so that they are set uo to circumvent the law.

Seems fishy to me.


I agree that not allowing hospital visitation is going too far.
And since the wording includes "other similar arrangements", does that mean that the hetero couple that has been living together for 15 years falls into the same ridiculous category?
And let's take it further....what if said hospital patient was not 'coupled', and his best friend in the whole world was the postman, does that mean the postman couldn't visit him in the hospital?

The whole thing is flaky and the government has no business sticking its incompetent head into such matters.


Most know where I stand on homosexual marriage as I've argued for pages on this topic on prior occasions. But for the life of me I see nothing wrong with a hospital visitation. I don't really understand why anyone would want to deny this. Maybe I'm missing something but I doubt it.


This is why Government should never legislate morality.


Emergency and Hospitalization registry. There.


But that is what government does. From prostitution to public intoxication, larceny, murder, DWI, and on and on. Really most laws are morality based. And I'm very happy about that.


Very good ZEB LOL!! Quite so. Law, by definition is the enforcement of one behavior over another on the assumption that one is desirable in a populous and one is not or least less so to the degree where said enforcement is deemed to be justified. That's what government is.


The Government is there to protect and uphold Personal liberty not morality. Things such as prostitution,drug laws, laws on marriage, public intox(as long as you are not harming anyone/thing) are not the responsibility of the governments. In fact each one of these that I listed clash with the governments role.

What is moral to you and moral to me are two different things how can a government possibly legislate morality.


We hold these truths to be self evident... endowed by their creator... firm reliance on divine providence. Everybody knew what that meant and the vast majority agreed on what was moral and what was not. Hence limited government. That's how we got started and that's how we ascended. We began our decline when your tremendous wisdom launched it's assault upon this nation in earnest in the 60's. Congratulations, you've been very successful. We are now teetering on the brink of social destruction and bankruptcy.


I agree to some extent, although personal liberty is itself a moral.


While I am no Democrat , this is the why I call myself an Antirepublican :slightly_smiling: the Governor's
justification would be that the people of this fine state elected me to do this .

Yes I know the Democrats have problems , but they do not appear to be mean as spirited


Would you agree that we were a LOT smaller back then to? European immigrants were largely Christian, with highly similar cultural backgrounds, making a common moral and social agreement possible.

We're 280 million now with a lot of social and cultural enclaves. Do you feel it is appropriate to marginalize groups other than Christian, via legislation? I don't personally feel comfortable with government having that kind of power.


My thoughts exactly. This is a stupid attempt at a law or rule or anything.


I am not. The law is to protect your liberty, but also to keep your liberty from encroaching on others. Murder is obvious. Prostitution, not so much. If my neighbor rather pay for lay, than hook up in a relationship, I could give a damn less. If my neighbors want to be gay as hell, I could give a shit less. If someone wants to be drunk, as long as they don't pass out in my yard I don't care.
Now DUI, is a case of encroaching on somebody else's right to liberty and therefore should be restricted. I understand there are some grey areas here, but most things are black and white. I pretty much disagree with all blue laws.
We need freedom from behaviour control....


I would say as long as you are not harming others liberty what you consider moral and I conider moral could be two completely different things.


Keep building up that wall between religion and goverment..